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Specialized Services . . .

Concrete Drainage Solutions

With over 15 years of experience as an engineering inspector, we're experts at recognizing potential points of water erosion and how to reroute water runoff to minimize its effects.

Whether it's roadway repair, sidewalks, curb & gutter replacement, or just a simple solution to keep runoff away from buildings - we'll design and build a solution that makes sure you're protected!

Landscape Irrigation Optimization

We're all aware that keeping your landscape greeen is expensive and that utility bills take a big hit during the summer months.  We can survey your property and determine where water is being wasted and how to remedy the "burn spots" that your irrigation system are missing.  Many properties have slopes or other areas that can't be "greened" because of location or water runoff.  In these cases, we can implement xeriscaping in those areas - thus reducing your water bill and replacing an eyesore with an attractive landscape feature.